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Welcome to your pet friendly site Paws and Tails, the best place for dog fitness and pet sitting in San Antonio Texas.


Forget about getting worried for who is going to take care of your pets in your next trip or for not having time to take your dog to walk or exercise him.  We want to help you and your pet.


We provide pet sitting, dog walking services in Stone Oak, San Antonio Tx. Let me ask you something. Are these your common questions that you think when you are trying to hire a new dog walker or pet day care? Will these [...]

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Hi!  My name is Monica Egner, I’m the founder and owner of Paws and Tails. Im happy married since August 2010  to a great man, Shane Egner.  Our family started with 3 dogs and a cat , we welcomed to this word the cutest baby boy on September of 2012.

Paws and Tails is a family owned business that provides  dog walking and a pet sitting services in San Antonio Tx. . We are insured and bonded. Our pet sitting and dog walking services are provided by a professional and reliable pet sitter. We know how important and special is your pet, thats why we will give your loved [...]

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How to provide your pet a piece of you while you are gone

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Hi Readers.

I had face with mi own dogs that when they are very attached to us and when they are used to see us and hang out with us most of the day, is kinda confusing when you are gone for more than 1 or 2 days.

They do miss us, and most of all THEY MISS OUR SMELL! As is well known that the dogs have a very shard smell perception, that’s their first introduction for everything in the world..

So a tip that I give you when you are gone, leave in your dog crate or bed something with your smell like a sock or a used shirt

I hope this can help you and your pet in your next trip!

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Mastering the Walk..

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A dog needs a guided exercise NO MATTER THE SIZE OR BREED in order to be happy and release energy and frustration.

A walk is not just a walk. For a walk to be a tool to provide our dog liberation of anxiety and release energy in the correct way we need to know how to walk our dogs.

We need to Master the Walk in order to have the happiest time with your loved pet.

If you are wondering what is “Master the Walk” please keep reading:

  1. When you master the walk your dog is not pulling
  2. When you master the walk your dog is walking right next to you
  3. When you master the walk your dog doesn’t bark at other dogs in the street
  4. When you master the walk your dog is enjoying the walk and ignoring noisy doggy’s in the streets
  5. When you master the walk your dog he is just a healthy, balance and happy dog that enjoys to be outside.
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